Annual Plant Sale – May 11, 2019

Benefit Garden Walk – July 13, 2019

Speaker – May 15, 2019

Kim White

Monarchs & Gardening for Butterflies

Kim White, the Natural Naturalist, has taught for 20 years in the education program at Brookfield Zoo.  She also has a University-level Master Naturalist certificate.  Her presentation is on Monarchs, and Gardening for Butterflies. She teaches about nature to children and adults at the library in Lombard.

Speaker – June 19, 2019

Jim Kleinwachter

Invite Nature into your Yard

Conservation @ Home program is all about creating more eco-friendly yards!  The “typical” yard can easily be improved to help reduce water run-off, increase wildlife habitat, and improve the soil.  The benefits of improving the environment are many including, reducing your water use, creating more area for birds and butterflies, reducing chemical use, less lawn mowing, and learning about invasive species that may need to be controlled in your yard. This education program will cover a variety of techniques for transforming your yard, including the use of Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, and the selection and use of native plants to solve yard problems.  Native plants grow naturally and need no watering or fertilizers once established. Native plants thrive on their own and do well, even during drought conditions.  Their deep roots hold the soil, allow water to filter down deep into the ground where it belongs and, because they “evolved” here, they attract dozens of species of beneficial wildlife such as butterflies and songbirds.