2018 Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas Party was held on December 10 and was held at the Log Cabin in Bartlett. A huge thank you to the committee who planned this event to ensure that all members had a good time. Mission accomplished! The members of this committee were Cristina Logicki, Maryann Bovio, Patti Chipman, Kathryn Christie, Melody Eback, Judy Rabe and Patti Rohlfes,

This happy snowman greeted all who came to the party.

Below are pictures of some of our members:

Eileen Lucietto and her husband Lambert are with Kate Burlette and her husband
Kathryn Christie, Melody Eback, Kathryn’s guest, Patti Chipman
Jan Buedel, Patti Loomis, Cindy Wicks-Raben, Peggy Reinhardt
Marilyn Perri, Julia Olsta, Mary Tremmel and guest
Sandy Swenson, Maria Sarli-Dehlin, Jill Fox
Linda Kroman, Patricia Adamik, Kay Lefler

After dinner, we were all anxious to get to the White Elephant gifts

And these aren’t all of them!