2015 Christmas Party

As in years past, we all came together to celebrate the holiday season with a festive Christmas Party. Marilyn and Cristina did a beautiful job decorating the Bartlett Park Log Cabin for our gathering.

Our current president, Eileen, with president-elect, Wally.

Wally and Eileen (2)

Here are some pictures of our members enjoying each others company.



IMG_20151217_183206684 IMG_20151217_183257391 (2) IMG_20151217_183135256 (2) small group

table IMG_20151217_190931574 (2) IMG_20151217_190914678 (2) IMG_20151217_191051643 (2) IMG_20151217_191019231 (2) IMG_20151217_191005563 IMG_20151217_191302531 (2) IMG_20151217_191229669 (2)

What would a Christmas Party be without grab bag gifts

grab bag

and cake?


From the members of the Tri Village Garden Club we wish all a Merry Christmas!

group (2)