2015 Members Only Garden Walk

Our Members Only Garden Walk was on July 12.  We visited the gardens of six members with a potluck lunch at the last garden.  We first stopped at the garden of Sue Stocks. She graciously offered her garden even though she had to be out of town on that day.  Being the great hostess that she is, she made sure that liquid refreshments would be available for the group.

1 Sue Stocks 1

Sue’s philosophy for her yard is that it be critter friendly with as little grass as possible. The front yard was started as an experiment in steppable thyme to avoid pushing a mower up the hill.  The thyme is beautiful, with many different varieties all with a different color flower.

1 Sue Stocks 2

Sue has many beautiful varieties of perennials plus a newly designed herb garden which Sandy Swenson, another club member, helped her design.

1 Sue Stocks 3

Her patio is truly a summer oasis shaded by a beautiful Japanese maple and many other trees and bushes.

Our next garden was at Jan Buedel’s.


2 Jan Buedel 1 She is now into the 6th year of not using chemical fertilizers or weed killers in her yard.  Last October the weeds got the best of her and she had most of her grass cut out and new sod installed.  She left  a large area of the existing grass that was in front of her vegetable garden to avoid run off from any chemicals that might have been in the new sod.

2 Jan Buedel 2

She has planted a new shade garden and we were totally impressed because she remembered the names of all the different varieties of hostas. 2 Jan Buedel 3She admits to some weeds in her new sod because she still does not use any chemicals but will sometimes zap the weeds with vinegar.  She claims her garden is a work in progress and we all agreed that she is doing a fantastic job.

Next stop was the garden of Maureen Ernandez.

3 Maureen Ernandez 1 Maureen is in her first full year with her garden.  They moved in a little over a year ago and inherited a lovely landscape from the previous owners.

3 Maureen Ernandez 2

She claims to be still figuring things out but we all thought she had total control over the gardens.  Besides beautiful perennial beds, she has many containers and ornaments.  There was also a fairy garden that was made by her daughter, Lily.

fairy garden 2

3 Maureen Ernandez 43 Maureen Ernandez 6

3 Maureen Ernandez 7

On to our President’s garden, Eileen Lucietto.

4 Eileen Lucietto 1 Eileen describes her garden as a sculpture garden featuring her husband Lambert’s work.  There is also a sculpture in the back yard entitled Soccer Kids by Utah sculpture, Don Smith.

4 Eileen Lucietto 44 Eileen Lucietto 3

4 Eileen Lucietto 8

Eileen's sculpture

Her garden has been a work in progress for 18 years.

4 Eileen Lucietto 2

This year’s addition are two new plantings in the parkway where two ash trees were cut down.

4 Eileen Lucietto 5

Each year she plants a vegetable garden, overestimating the number of plants the two beds can support.  Nonetheless, they enjoy organic greens and vegetables throughout the growing season.

4 Eileen Lucietto 7

Jane, Patty and Peggy are enjoying the fountain and views of the gardens.

Next stop was Judy Boldt.

5 Judy Boldt 1 5 Judy Boldt 2

Judy’s garden was beautiful.  There’s a shady courtyard in the front that was lined with ferns and colorful impatients.

5 Judy Boldt 4

The star of her gardens were the hydrangeas in her front and back yards.

5 Judy Boldt 3

Beautiful larkspur edged most of her garden beds. 2015-07-12 12.18.29

5 Judy Boldt 6

Everyone enjoyed her gardens.

On to Jackie Ellsworth where we had our Pot Luck Lunch.

6 Jackie Ellsworth 1 (2)

Jackie has a beautiful pool with even more beautiful  hibiscus plants all around the pool deck.

6 Jackie Ellsworth 4

There were small garden areas around the pool and stream.

6 Jackie Ellsworth 5

A  waterfall tucked under the bridge that crossed the stream.

6 Jackie Ellsworth 3

Everyone was getting ready for the feast to come.

Pot luck

pot luck 2

Can’t wait until next year!