Member’s Only Garden Walk – July 12, 2020

Despite the quarantine that was instituted as a result of Covid-19, our club has managed to maintain contact. At the start of spring we posted a virtual spring garden walk that members were able to view. We also made a decision to hold a member’s only garden walk with all the necessary safeguards that were required. We visited gardens of six of our members, all members present wore their masks and maintained a safe distance from others. Despite all the hot, humid 90 degree days we had for many days prior to our walk, the weather changed and it was a pleasant day for our walk.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken of the gardens.

First on the route was the garden of Jill Fox.

On to Jan Buedel’s garden

From Jan’s garden we went to Tracy Smodilla’s garden. Tracy’s garden backs up to a native conservancy.

From Tracy’s garden we went to the garden of Sue Stocks

Julia Olsta’s garden was next on our walk

Our last stop was at Eileen Lucietto’s garden. In addition to beautiful plants, Eileen also has beautiful statues that were created by her husband, Lambert Lucietto.

After everyone looked at the garden a few of our members brought chairs with them and sat to visit with those who also stayed. It was a great day and how nice was it to be able to visit with members after all this time.