First on the walk is the garden of Eva Vazquez

Eva’s yard is small but they made the most of their space. They have two small garden beds in front of the house filled with perennials such as hostas, evergreens, tall grasses, peonies and, new this year, hydrangeas and a small Japanese emperor maple tree.  We also have some annuals.  My daughter Lauren has had fun adding mushrooms and miniature gnomes throughout.  On the right side of the house, we began growing shade veggies, such as lettuce and snow peas. We have a small patio with some annual flowers to attract the bees. In the backyard my husband & daughter have built garden beds/boxes which I fill with veggies and, this year, also flowers. We have some roses and a two-year-old apple tree.  There are more perennials on the left side of the house.  

Second on the walk is the garden of Leona Rusch

The Rusch Family Garden railway has been running successfully since 1988.  Gardens and sculptures have gone together for centuries.  Trains are just moving sculptures in our Bartlett garden. Five-train operation includes a loop-to-loop, point-to-point, and a main line that runs three trains automatically traversing more than 700 feet of track. Watch as the signals control train maneuvers through passing sidings.  Listen to the waterfall as it peacefully cascades into the lagoon before it tumbles downward into the koi pond.  Rustic buildings, surprising tunnels, bridges, trestles, and lush flowers surround the garden railway and fish filled ponds.  Sit with us on our deck that was designed for optimum train, garden, and wildlife watching.  Enjoy our typical Midwest perennial garden with bursts of colorful annuals.  Step into the fantasy world of the Eisenbahn and operate big trains with us.  

Third on the walk was the garden of Maureen Ernandez

I have had a love for gardening for most of my life. It started with planting flower containers with my mom every summer, to now learning and experimenting in my own garden.  We moved to this house 8 years ago and inherited beautiful garden beds that just needed a little love. Each year I have tried to add new plants and make the areas have more of a purpose. I am working on converting my lawn to an eco-friendly space, while also reducing the size. Last year I added a vegetable garden and have been learning all I can about growing veggies. 

My focus is on using native plants to create a wildlife friendly yard.  While I am not 100% native, I’m well on my way. I want the bees, butterflies and birds to enjoy every part of my garden. As well as the toads, frogs, rabbits and all the other animals that grace my space. 

As you walk through my garden, I hope you feel a sense of calm and peace. I hope you see the vision I have each day I’m out here working. Listen to the birds and the wind chimes, notice the hummingbirds and butterflies fluttering by and just take in the beauty nature gives us every day! 

Fourth on the walk was our Pantry Garden

TVGC’s newest community garden is our Pantry Garden.  The goal is to provide fresh produce and herbs to Hanover Township Food Pantry.  From thought to fruition, everything came together very quickly – as though it was meant to be!  We “found” the unused beds at Immanuel United Church of Christ.  Boy Scouts Troop 26 joined our members in cleaning and prepping the beds.  Various members donated garden soil, raised beds and pots, vegetable and flower plants, and LOTS and LOTS of time and energy.  From the 8 beds and assorted pots, we began harvesting and delivering to the food pantry early June and will continue to through the season. For more pictures of the garden and the members who maintain it go to Community Gardens and you’ll see all the work that went into this successful pantry garden.

Last on the walk was our picnic pot luck lunch at the garden of Geri Brewer.