2019 Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas Party was held on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 in the Log Cabin located in Bartlett Park. It was a fun event and our thanks go to Cristina Ligocki and her committee, Mary Ann Bovio, Patti Chipman, Kathryn Christie, Melody Eback, Patti Rohlfes.

Everyone had a great time as you can see from all the smiling faces!

Patti Chipman, Maureen Ernandez, Paula Bartell, Marilyn Perry, Mary Tremmel, Linda Kroman, Renee Diehn, Pat Diehn

Pat Adamik, Cynthia Wicks-Raben, Peggy Reinhardt

Kate Burlette, Sue Stocks, Sue Wells, Gary Burlette

Sandy Swenson, Patti Loomis, Kathleen Eddy, Kathryn Christie

Maria Sarli-Dehlin, Jan Buedel, Guest, MaryAnn Bovio

Eileen Lucietto, Janice Zastrow, Tom Zastrow, Lambert Lucietto
Patti Brotz, Patti Rohlfes, (created the beautiful display on the mantle, Cristina Ligocki