2018 Members Only Garden Walk

Our Members Only Garden Walk was held on July 14 and we visited the gardens of 6 members: Susan Bimmerle, Cindy Wicks-Raben,Patti Rohlfes, Patti Brotz, Sue Stocks and Theresa and Mark Materna. The Materna’s also hosted our picnic lunch.

The first stop was at Susan’s home. Susan wrote: “Whey my daughter passed away 10 years ago, a close friend suggested I put in a memory garden and that was the beginning of what you see today. It is a vibrant, living memorial that changes and grows and brings me great satisfaction and peace.”

This truly was a moving, beautiful, peaceful part of her garden.

Our next stop was at Cindy’s house. These are Cindy’s word to describe her garden:

“Blessings in my garden, I see again the filigree of the light in delicate flowers. I thank Mother Nature for as I shall search for words for the wonders which she has revealed to me. Reflected stars were in my statuesque lady of my garden trickling a gentle stream of water: and saw the path that fairy feet passed.

From Cindy’s house we traveled to Patti Rohlfes. This is what Patti had to say about her garden:

“My garden is a diverse palette of colors and textures of native, nonnative and annuals. Many of the plants have been acquired through the years from family, friends, and acquaintances; some as old as 30 years. They always bring back pleasant memories.”

Next we went across the street to Patti Brotz garden. This is how Patti describes her garden, “My garden is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. It features my whimsical side and I hope the surprises you see put a smile on your face and make you feel at peace, like it does me.”

The next garden on our walk was at Sue Stocks. Sue said this about her garden: “A welcoming front yard with no grass to be seen. The backyard is an oasis after a long day.”

Our last stop of the day was at the garden of Mark and Theresa Materna. This is what they had to say about their garden, “The Flooded Garden: Two dry ponds in back and on the side were designed so we could use our yard which, prior to landscaping consisted of mud! The ponds fill when it rains as the gutters drain into the ponds. Two 50-gallon water barrels assist in watering flower beds. This year a dying birch was removed, and the maple trees were trimmed and shaped.”